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Flow Cytometry and
Cell Biology Services

Investigate cellular behavior, unravel disease mechanisms, discover biomarkers, and accelerate the development of novel therapies.

Our expert cell biologists and advanced technologies enable precise characterization and functional analysis to accelerate research in immunology, oncology, regenerative medicine, and drug development

Clinical Flow Cytometry

Understand phenotypic and functional biomarkers with full spectrum flow cytometry services.

Discovery’s flow cytometry data for biomarker analysis in clinical trials and identification of possible mechanisms of action of drugs and cell and gene therapy interventions.

Cell Dissociation Services

Get what you want in the format you need.

Optimize biospecimen utility for specific applications by expertly executed cellular processing and custom sample preparations for diseased and normal tissues, tumors, blood and other sample types.

10x Single Cell & Spatial Analysis

Get a complete view of diseased complexity at the single cell level

Discovery Life Sciences is a10x Genomics certified service provider offering single cell sequencing and spatial gene expression services.  By utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, we ensure the highest quality results, empowering researchers to unlock new insights and discover novel biomarkers. 

In Vitro Cell Culture

Our primary cell culture services enable deeper understanding of growth characteristics, phenotypic changes, cytotoxicity, immune cell proliferation/expansion/differentiation, and drug response (including effector cell platforms) to accelerate development.

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