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Unleash the Full Potential of Your Research

Discovery is the ultimate industry partner for academic, government, and non-profit researchers. We provide access to the world’s largest commercial biobank, the most advanced technology platforms, and multi-omic experts so you can achieve breakthroughs faster and keep pace with the high demands for resources and advanced technologies.

The World’s Largest Commercial Biobank

Discovery offers a full spectrum of human biospecimens to support academic, government, and non-profit research in oncology, infectious disease, autoimmune disease, metabolic disorders, cardiology, neurology, and more. Below are a few of the many biospecimen types offered by Discovery:

Dissociated Tumor Cells (DTCs)

FFPE and Matched Sets


Go Beyond Core Labs and Accelerate Scientific Breakthroughs

Discovery’s multi-omic biomarker services are customizable, scalable, and flexible. We help our partners become nimbler and gain access to innovative and advanced technologies.

Discovery, Targeted and Quantitative Proteomics

Reliable and customizable proteomic services from multiplexed immunoassay such as Olink to mass spectrometry enabling improved understanding of real-time human biology.

Direct Access to a World-Renowned Genome Center

Discovery Genomics is one of the largest commercial genomic service labs that offers high-throughput whole genome, exome, transcriptomic, targeted, single cell, and epigenetic sequencing services powered by advanced bioinformatics.

Single Cell and Spatial Analysis Expert

Discovery is a 10X Genomics Center of Excellence and offers a range of single cell analyses, including CITE-Seq, ATAC-Seq, and Visium spatial gene expression analysis.

Custom Molecular Pathology Assay Development

Pathologist-driven, GCLP-compliant procedures for developing and validating AI-driven digital image analysis and custom IHC/mIF assays in CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified GCLP compliant laboratories.

Accelerate Your Success with a Reliable Expert

A Catalyst for Collaboration and Success

We have extensive experience aligning project priorities with cutting-edge technologies and valuable resources, so you can overcome challenges and achieve your goals faster.

Gabriella Miller Kids First (GMKF) Partnership

Discovery has tested over 23,500 unique samples for the NIH-funded GMKF project focused on utilizing high- throughput deep sequencing of DNA and RNA to help uncover new insights in childhood cancer and structural birth defects.

All of US Research Program Support

Chosen as the very first sequencing center by the NIH All of Us program to leverage long-read whole genome sequencing technologies to generate genetic data on ~2,000 participants from diverse backgrounds

Trust an Experienced Industry Partner to Win Government Projects Together.

Discovery has supported major government-funded projects, including NIH’s Gabriella Miller Kids First and All of Us programs. We have tested over 50,000 NGS samples for ongoing government collaborations.  

With our extensive experience in aligning government priorities with cutting-edge technologies and resources, Discovery is dedicated to assisting our biopharma partners in maximizing their chances of winning government-funded projects.

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