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Olink® Services

Accelerate Protein Biomarker Discovery and Development with Olink® Explore HT, Explore, Target, Flex and Focus Services.

Rapid Turnaround Time

Reduce turnaround and minimize sample handing artifacts using our automated workflows

Acclerated Timelines

Accelerate project timelines with direct access to the world’s largest commercial biorepository – under the same roof as our service laboratories

Biomarker Strategy

Move from biomarker discovery to verification and validation with our Olink® HT, Explore, Target, Flex and Focus services


Ensure reliable results using our validated Olink® Explore services

Minimal Sample Input

Conserve precious samples with minimal sample input requirements, 25 µl for the full suite of proteins

Multi-Omic Services

Minimize turnaround time and accelerate multi-omic, proteogenomic, and other orthogonal testing with our genomic, molecular pathology, flow cytometry, and cell biology service laboratories – all under the same roof

Diverse Sample Input

Interrogate proteins across a variety of sample matrices including plasma, serum, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), urine, other biofluids, dried blood spots, conditioned media, fine needle biopsies and more

Comprehensive Coverage

Measure ~5,000 proteins in up to 352 samples in a single run for large-scale protein biomarker discovery studies

Discovery’s Olink® Explore HT and Explore Services

Discovery’s Olink® Explore Services enables a comprehensive understanding of the proteome. Olink® Explore HT measures ~5,000 proteins with minimal sample volumes while retaining unrivaled sensitivity and specificity, helping relate protein expression to genetic markers and disease.

Discovery’s Proteomic Services is a Certified Service provider for Olink® HT Explore, Target, Flex and Focus Assays.

Discovery's Proteomics Services Olink® Target, Flex, and Focus Services

Deepen understanding of the biological complexity of proteins across a range of disease areas

Discovery’s Proteomic Services Olink® Target Services

Uncover valuable insights into disease mechanisms, patient stratification, and treatment response with our Olink®-based services. We employ expertise and automated workflows, enabling the identification and validation of novel biomarkers to accelerate the development of targeted diagnostics and therapeutics for improved patient outcomes.

Olink® Target and Exploratory 96 Neurology

Olink® Target 96 Cardiometabolic

Olink® Target 96 Cardiovascular II

Olink® Target 96 Cardiovascular III

Olink® Target 96 Inflammation

Olink® Target 96 Immuno-Oncology

Olink® Target 96 Immune Response

Olink® Target 96 Oncology II

Olink® Target 96 Oncology III

Olink® Target 96 Organ Damage

Olink® Target 96 Metabolism

Olink® Target 96 Cell Regulation

Olink® Target 96 Mouse Exploratory

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