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Human Non-Blood Biofluids

Gain an understanding of disease pathogenesis and identify novel therapeutic targets with our full-spectrum, non-blood human biospecimens — including Cerebralspinal fluid and respiratory swabs.

Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)

Diagnostic remnant samples available across a range of demographic characteristics.

Oral Swab

Remnant samples from multiple respiratory viral panels are  separated by positive and negative results


Sputum samples from multiple diagnostic tests available with both positives and negatives.


SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic saliva positives from consented collections.


Culture positive endotracheal aspirates across a range of demographic characteristics.


Human urine across a range of disease states and diagnostics tests.

The Discovery Partners® network allows for large-scale, prospective collections of high-quality non-blood biofluids and each sample comes with comprehensive patient data:

Explore the Depths of Your Biospecimens

Get biospecimens in the format you need – then deeply characterize them with Discovery’s customizable and scalable biomarker services based on advanced technologies, including genomics, proteomics, molecular pathology, and cell biology services.

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