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Gentest® In Vitro Preclinical Products and Services

Discovery’s IND-enabling ADME and toxicology solutions.  

Gentest® in vitro preclinical solutions:

To help researchers answer drug development questions using in vitro systems that closely replicate the in vivo environment.

At the heart of our Gentest solutions is a commitment to providing consistent communication, scientific guidance, and relevant data, helping our clients move drug candidates forward toward the goal of improving patient lives.

Gentest® Products

Discovery is a leading provider of regulatory guideline-aligned ADME-Tox products to help drug developers make informed decisions.

Gentest® In Vitro Preclinical Services

Our cutting-edge IND-enabling ADME, hematotoxicity, and blood cell-based assay services explore drug efficacy and propel therapeutics to the clinic faster.

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