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Plasma Proteomics

Confidently quantify plasma proteins at every stage of development.

Broad protein coverage, reproducibility, and dynamic range to help inform your research and development.

Our proteomics experts work consultatively to help select the best technologies to meet the needs of your study and overcome its challenges.


Up to 1,000 proteins

Biofluids, cells, and more


Nearly ~5,000 proteins measured

Plasma, serum and other biofluids

Proteograph Mass Spectrometry

>3,000 proteins measured

Plasma, serum and other biofluids

Mass Spectrometry

Targeted and untargeted services

A diverse range of cell types

Technologies at Discovery’s Proteomics Services

Discovery’s Proteomics Services uses advanced proteomic technologies to address researchers’ diverse needs. Our expert protein scientists will work with you to choose the technologies that are best fit to overcome your study’s challenges. 

Olink® Target, Focus and Flex

Olink® Explore HT and Explore

SCIEX ZenoTOF 7600 System


Luminex xMap® Intelliflex® DR-SE


Seer Proteograph™

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