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Preclinical and
Translational Study Services

Understand targets in preclinical models and accelerate
transition to the next stage of development.

Discovery is dedicated to helping drug and diagnostic developers accelerate their preclinical and translational studies. Our scientific excellence, state-of-the-art facilities, flexibility, and Science at Your Service™ approach advances all research and development programs.


Direct access to the world’s largest commercial biorepository.

Gentest Products

Access one of the largest hepatocyte, tissue fraction, and recombinant enzyme inventories in the world accompanied by leading-edge service techniques.

Critical Support of your IND-Application

ADME & toxicology services to determine your drug candidate’s drug-drug interactions and pharmacokinetics. In vitro blood cell-based assays will assess your candidate's potential efficacy or deleterious impact.


A technology agnostic approach to enable an unbiased selection of the most suitable platforms.


We provide direct access to our highly-experienced scientists who can consult on the project design to ensure the production of meaningful, relevant data on the drug candidate.


One of the largest commercial fleets of proteomics, genomics, and molecular pathology instruments – all under one roof.

Compliance & Quality

Specialty testing in CLIA-certified, CAP accredited, and GCLP compliant service laboratories to support downstream clinical trials and regulatory submissions.


Decades of experience progressing preclinical and translational studies to later stages of development.

IVDR Development

IVDR development under Health Institution status of Discovery’s laboratory in Germany confirmed by German Regional Council.

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