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Human Tissue Samples

Advance drug development, improve diagnostic accuracy, and accelerate precision medicine with the world’s largest collection of pathologist-reviewed, hyper-annotated™ tissues.

Drive your programs further, faster with Discovery’s high-quality, hyper-annotated™, human tissue biospecimens.

Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) Tissue

Explore the world’s largest commercial repository of diseased & benign FFPE tissues. Discovery Life Sciences’ pathologist-reviewed, hyper-annotated FFPE blocks, curls, and slides come with digital H&E images so you can order with confidence.

Dissociated Tissue Cells (DTCs)

As the first team to validate DTCs as a viable alternative to fresh tissue, Discovery’s expert cell biology laboratory  has unmatched expertise in applying cancer tissue dissociations to custom projects.

Frozen Tissue with Matched FFPE

Enhance the reliability, clinical relevance, and translational potential of your study data with mirrored pairs of flash frozen and FFPE tissues.

Access to Hundreds of Thousands of Patients

Nearly 200 Clinical Sources Around the World

Our Discovery Partners® network comprises nearly 200 clinical sites across dozens of countries worldwide.  This extensive network enables us to conduct large-scale, prospective collections while providing support for our robust biobank.  Our partners represent leading national and international:

Each diseased specimen is provided with the base clinical data from the patient case, along with a redacted pathology report.

Explore the Depths of Your Biospecimens

Get biospecimens in the format you need – then deeply characterize them with Discovery’s customizable and scalable biomarker services based on advanced technologies, including genomics, proteomics, molecular pathology, and cell biology services.

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