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Customizable Solutions
Powered by Expert Scientists
Using Advanced Technologies
in Certified Laboratories

Discovery provides pharmaceutical and biotech researchers with access to diverse expertise, advanced technologies, and customizable solutions, all performed in our state-of-the-art CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited, and GCLP-compliant laboratories.

We have the world’s largest commercial biorepository and multi-omic biomarker services supported by a large network of pathologists and clinical sites.

Discovery offers the following advantages to our biotech and pharma partners, providing unwavering support for projects spanning from early discovery through clinical trial research.

Expertise & Specialization

Regulatory Compliance

Quality Assurance & Control

Timeliness & Flexibility

Communication & Collaboration

Data Security, Personal Data Protection & Confidentiality

Infrastructure & Equipment

The Data You Need at Faster Speed.

Discovery’s biomarker services offer flexibility and the ability to generate high quality data. We deliver faster turnaround times while preserving samples by simultaneously testing samples using our integrated, multi-omic workflows.

Our experts use the latest technologies to understand biomarker assays across diverse indications quickly and help develop robust assays to identify more specific patients for clinical trials.


Reliable and customizable proteomic services – from multiplex immunoassays such as Luminex and Olink to mass spectrometry – enabling improved understanding of real-time human biology.

Discovery Genomics

High-throughput RNA-Seq, WES, long-read, single cell sequencing, targeted sequencing or WES workflows optimized in GCLP-compliant service laboratory for the most challenging sample types such as FFPE and core needle biopsies.

Clinical Flow Cytometry

Discovery’s clinical flow cytometry laboratory delivers high-resolution multiparametric flow cytometry data for rapid, high-throughput screening of compounds assessing their effects on cellular targets, efficacy in disease models, and identification of potential therapeutic candidates.

Molecular Pathology

Pathologist-driven, GCLP-compliant procedures for developing and validating AI driven digital image analysis and custom IHC/mIF assays in CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified GCLP compliant laboratories.

Featured Biospecimens

Discovery has the world’s largest commercial biorepository and offers a full spectrum of biospecimens to meet the evolving needs of growing pharmaceutical and biotech companies:

Dissociated Tumor Cells (DTCs)

FFPE and Matched Sets


Case Studies

Retrospective RNA-Seq of DD-LPS Phase II-III Clinical Trial Patients Reveals a Potential Biomarker of Selinexor Response

Discovery conducted a retrospective, exploratory RNA sequencing study in collaboration with Karyopharm Therapeutics using FFPE dedifferentiated liposarcoma (DD-LPS) tumor samples revealing a potential predictive biomarker.Download

Development of the Prototype IHC CDx Assay that Advanced Development of Pembrolizumab

Discovery developed an assay with dynamic range, high precision and reproducibility, laying the foundation for the successful 22C3 PD-L1 companion diagnostic assay widely utilized today.Download

Establishing HER2 as a Companion Diagnostic Biomarker for the Treatment of Breast & Gastric Cancers

Discovery has been instrumental in helping determine HER2 assay design, evaluation, scoring, and clinical utility for use in breast, esophageal and gastric cancers.Download

Identify Molecular Drivers of Cancer via Comprehensive Sequencing with Matched Germline and Clinical Data

Contributing to the ORIEN Avatar program, Discovery Genomics has conducted high yield, high quality dual RNA/DNA isolation from FFPE specimens, WES and RNA-Seq services on more than 30,000 tumor and non-tumor samples. Watch Webinar

Trust an Experienced Industry Partner to Win Government Projects Together.

Discovery has supported major government-funded projects, including NIH’s Gabriella Miller Kids First and All of Us programs. We have tested over 50,000 NGS samples for ongoing government collaborations.

With our extensive experience in aligning government priorities with cutting-edge technologies and resources, Discovery is dedicated to assisting our biopharma partners in maximizing their chances of winning government-funded projects.

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