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Global Proteomics

Understand complex diseases and accelerate precision medicine

Discovery’s Proteomics Services provides large-scale identification, characterization, and quantification of proteins - their post-translational modifications (PTMs), interactions, and functions.

Our Proteomics Services provides a holistic view of the protein landscape so you can study complex biological systems, understand disease mechanisms, discover biomarkers, and identify potential targets for therapeutic intervention.

Reveal new biomarkers, analyze post-translational modifications (PTMs), profile proteomic changes, request custom services, and more.

Detect low abundance proteins and survey across the dynamic range of proteins in complex samples

Unlock target and biomarker discovery with advanced proteomics and validate findings orthogonally through integrated multi-omic services

Trust optimized workflows and access the world’s largest commercial biospecimen inventory to reduce the turnaround time of large-scale projects

Discovery’s Proteomics Services Center Platforms

Olink® Target, Focus, and Flex

Luminex xMap® Intelliflex®

Mass Spectrometry

SCIEX ZenoTOF 7600 Mass Spectrometer



Olink® Explore HT and Explore

STP mosquito®
STP dragonfly® crystal

Proteograph MS™

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