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In Vitro Cell Culture

Prioritize and optimize candidate selection and assess compound efficacy, safety, and mechanisms of action.

Discovery’s cell biology and immunology experts have developed standardized protocols with optimized methods to reliably perform a wide variety of in vitro cell cultures - from simple primary cell cultures to complex 3D spheroids.

Our integrated solutions simplify cell culture projects by streamlining access to source cells and accelerating downstream analyses to quickly and cost-effectively provide actionable data for drug and diagnostic development programs.

Discovery Advantages

Expert cell biologists and immunologists conduct all cell biology services

Biobank, cell biology, proteomics and genomics laboratories are under the same roof providing efficient, standardized workflows and accelerated data generation.

Automation and robotics are utilized whenever possible to expedite and standardize sample handling

Discovery’s scientists were pioneers in dissociated tumor cell (DTC) development and culture

Extensive experience growing spheroids for more physiologically relevant
ex vivo analysis


PBMC and Isolated Immune Cell Subset Cultures

DTCs and Isolated Tumor Cell Cultures

PBMCs treated with 6 different drug compounds over 8 concentrations.

Cell Assays Supporting Cell Therapy Studies IND-Enabling, and Preclinical Cultures

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