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Multiplex Immunofluorescence (mIF) Services

Accelerate your R&D and conserve precious clinical material with simultaneous detection of multiple targets.

Save time and money while accelerating your research with Discovery’s mIF services.

Based on Akoya technology, our mIF services provide unparalleled speed and performance, enabling spatial signatures at scale. Our mIF experts have developed an industry leading GCLP compliant workflow for assay establishment and validation of custom mIF assays and associated digital image analysis algorithms. Assay development considers not only single-plex DAB stain as ground truth, but stripping efficiency, epitope sensitivity and optimal target-fluorophore pairing. 

For examples of Discovery’s approach to novel mIF assays please see our resources below

Technology Platforms

Akoya PhenoImager™ HT

Ventana Discovery Ultra

Leica Bond Rx


See how Discovery’s experts used mIF assays and digital image analysis to investigate tumor budding in clinical colorectal cancer specimens by evaluating the tumor microenvironment, activated fibroblasts and MSI/MMRD status.

See a demonstration of Discovery’s highly standardized approach to novel mIF assay implementation to support clinical trials. 

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