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Claudin 18.2 (CLDN18.2) FFPE Tissue Samples

FFPE tissues for gastric and gastroesophageal junction adenocarcinoma

Claudin 18.2

Claudins (CLDN) are a family of transmembrane proteins and are present throughout the body.  Among these proteins, CLDN18.2 is the dominant isoform in normal gastric tissue, and it is often retained in malignant transformation, making it an effective biomarker for identifying previously undefined population of patients with gastric or gastroesophageal junction (G/GEJ) adenocarcinoma.

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Discovery Life Sciences has the world’s largest commercial biorepository and offers CLDN18.2 formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples.

CLDN18.2 FFPE Tissue Kit, Option 1 (Cat. No. 240221.1)

CLDN18.2 FFPE Tissue Kit, Option 2 (Cat. No. 240221.2)


Tumor content is confirmed via hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) staining. CLDN18.2 expression is determined by immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining using VENTANA CLDN18 (43-14A) Assay performed by Discovery’s Molecular Pathology division. All slides are freshly cut upon receipt of a PO.

Claudin 18.2 Tumor and Benign

Supporting Services

Discovery Biomarker AcademyTM also offers CLDN18.2 IHC assay training classes and various post-approval studies, including concordance analysis.

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