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Discovery Life Sciences offers a wide range of consultative research services performed by expert scientists, as well as vast access to human biospecimens, to quickly bring innovative solutions to the most complex research questions. Our research services include: genomic services (extraction, NGS, bioinformatics), cell-based services (flow cytometry, cell isolations, cell culturing), and histology-based services (IHC, ISH, histopathology consultation). We are regarded for our ability to conduct large, prospective, and highly targeted projects using custom protocols that meet client specifications.
Our catalog of biospecimens includes normal, suspect, and disease-state biospecimens, comprising rare diseases and racially and ethnically diverse exemplars. We have a particular emphasis in oncology and infectious diseases, as well as cardiology, neurology, and inflammatory, and autoimmune diseases.
Discovery’s inventory comprises tissue, blood and blood components, swabs (Pap, urine, stool and other biofluids), other types of fluids, and genomic information. We analyze both archival and new tissue in an in-house lab with full histology services and Board-certified experts in laboratory services, pathology, histology, genomic sequencing, and flow cytometry. Additionally, we can build custom cohorts with well-stratified, hyper-annotated® data and have access to historical, treatment, and follow up data.

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