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Trusight™ Oncology 500

Reduce time to develop and validate your oncology liquid biopsy research and diagnostic assay development by utilizing our TSO500 ctDNA application to detect ctDNA genomic variants and biomarker signatures

Discovery Genomics' TSO500 ctDNA NGS service provides high sensitivity detection of genomic variants across 523 DNA genes in various cancer indications from liquid biopsy plasma samples, including microsatellite instability (MSI) and tumor mutational burden (TMB) immuno-oncology biomarkers.


Our TSO500 NGS services provide pan-cancer genomic biomarker analysis to enable:

Service Performance Data

Using commercially available reference standards in our optimized and automated nucleic acid extraction, library construction, and sequencing workflows, we demonstrate the accuracy, sensitivity, and reproducibility of our TSO500 Solid Tumor NGS RUO service.


> 1% Allele Fractions



ctDNA / Solid Tumor Concordance:


TSO500 ctDNA NGS Services Deliverables

Horizon OncoSpan cfDNA Reference Standard Sample Report

Sample Report

PierianDx Colon Carcinoma Sample Report

Sample Report

TSO500 ctDNA v1.0.1 Output files

DNA Results

QC and Metrics Files

Sample Input Requirements

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