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Reaction Phenotyping Services

Design effective studies to elucidate drug metabolic pathways and identify potential drug-drug interaction vulnerabilities.

Gentest® Research Services’ in vitro reaction phenotyping studies cover a comprehensive portfolio of phase-I and phase-II drug metabolizing enzymes, elucidating the metabolic pathway of new chemical entities (NCEs) and identifying vulnerabilities to drug-drug interactions.

Gentest® has been providing expert, regulatory submission-quality ADME services for more than two decades. Our experts use high-performance Gentest® reagents and regulatory guidance-driven protocols to ensure reliable, meaningful results.

Comprehensive Portfolio of Phase-I and Phase-II Drug Metabolizing Enzymes

Select Ideal Test Systems Based on Metabolic Pathways and NCE Properties

Use Two Independent Approaches in Accordance with Regulatory Guidance to Determine Fraction Metabolized (fm)

Advanced Quantitative Analysis and Expert Enzyme Kinetics for Regulatory-Grade Reaction Profiling

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