Primary tumor tissue is an integral part of therapeutic and diagnostic research, but the logistics and budgetary challenges of obtaining fresh tissues can often lead to significant delays for research projects.

The purpose of Dissociated Tumor Cells (DTCs) is to serve as a viable alternative to acquiring fresh tumor tissue. DTCs can be acquired quickly from inventory, from a variety of different solid tumor indications and unique patient donors, and are more cost effective than acquiring fresh tissue and working through dissociation protocols in house. These viable single cell suspensions are useful for many of the same downstream applications as fresh tissue (Box 1A). DTCs contain all of the various cell populations present in tumor microenvironment: tumor, immune and support cells (Box 1B). Dr. Shawn Fahl has led a thorough examination of Discovery Life Science’s DTC samples, conducted on 26 post-thaw samples across five major oncology indications. The body of this whitepaper presents the data and analysis from this study.