Presented by Oliver Hampton, PhD (M2GEN) and Shawn Levy, PhD (Discovery Life Sciences)
MAY 27, 2020


The M2GEN AVATAR program collects and studies consented cancer patients’ biospecimens and companion clinical information for the development of improved oncology treatments. Through construction of comprehensive genotypic, transcriptomic and phenotypic cohorts of consented cancer patients, M2GEN generates in silico AVATARs. M2GEN uses this information to accelerate cancer research, clinical trial matching, and development of real world data comparator cohorts. The breadth and scope of the AVATAR clinical and molecular data enables the utilization and discovery of a wide array of DNA and RNA biomarkers, including those biomarkers associated with response to immuno-oncology agents.

Contributing to the ORIEN Avatar program, Discovery Life Sciences’ sequencing and bioinformatics laboratory, HudsonAlpha Discovery, has conducted high yield, high quality dual RNA/DNA isolation from FFPE specimens, whole exome sequencing and RNA sequencing services on more than 30,000 tumor and non-tumor samples. These genetic results, sharpened by ORIEN’s clinical data and the significant size of the sample set, accurately expound known drivers of cancer, identify new genetic alterations and reveal novel potential therapeutic targets.



  1. The utility of data from this large, high quality sample set to guide immunotherapeutic development programs
  2. The large-scale sequencing of critical oncology biomarkers, including TMB, MSI, small variants, splice variants, and fusions
  3. The optimized dual extraction methods from a single FFPE block that achieve highly accurate sequencing results across diverse tumor types and normal samples
  4. The cancer centers and partners driving M2Gen’s ORIEN Avatar program and how you can participate
  5. How you can access the valuable ORIEN database to accelerate your oncology drug development studies.

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