In this webinar, Dr. Brandon Guida will expand upon the benefits of combining our optimized DNA/RNA extraction method with low-input RNA-Seq library preparation. Dr. Guida will discuss the results of a mock RNA-Seq experiment comparing data generated using low- and standard-input RNA-Seq libraries originating from the same RNA source. He will show that utilizing Discovery Genomics’ low-input RNA-Seq pipeline results in high-quality data enabling robust evaluation of biologically relevant experimental outcomes. Furthermore, Dr. Guida will highlight differences between the low-input and standard-input RNA-Seq pipelines through discussion of method reproducibility, transcript detection ability, and differentially expressed gene analysis. Leveraging these insights, Discovery Genomics gained a deeper understanding of our analytically validated RNA-Seq pipelines ultimately providing better guidance to our partners in choosing the most appropriate analytical services specific to their unique project goals and sample types.

Webinar: Demonstrating the Utility of the Discovery Life Sciences Low-Input RNA-Seq from Discovery Life Sciences on Vimeo.