RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) is a powerful and scalable tool for determining the level of gene transcript expression to elucidate the difference in expression patterns between unique sample populations. In this webinar, Dr. Donald Skifter, Sr. Vice President, Genomics at Discovery Life Sciences (Discovery) will discuss a retrospective, exploratory RNA sequencing study performed by Discovery in collaboration with Karyopharm Therapeutics using FFPE dedifferentiated liposarcoma (DD-LPS) tumor samples collected over the course of a multi-center phase II – III selinexor clinical trial in advanced liposarcoma. The outcome of this study exemplifies how precision medicine strategies using retrospective exploratory molecular profiling can facilitate identification of biomarkers that may enable targeting the right therapy to the right patient population.


Speaker Bio:

Donald Skifter, PhD, MBA, Discovery Life Sciences’ Senior Vice President, Genomics is a renowned biotechnology & genomics industry leader responsible for leading genomic application scientific support at Discovery Life Sciences.

Don received his PhD in pharmacology and neuroscience focusing on the molecular and genetic mechanisms of learning and memory at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 2002. He received his MBA from the University of Nebraska Omaha in 2001. On the heels of the completion of the human genome project in 2003, following a post-doctoral fellowship in Cambridge, MA, he pursued a career in the commercialization of genomic technologies and next generation sequencing services with expertise in evaluation of oncology genomic biomarkers.

Don’s work history includes Commercial and Technical Application Support leadership roles at several genomic technology and services companies including Invitrogen (now Thermo Fisher Scientific), Sequenom (now Agena Bioscience), Complete Genomics (IPO in 2010), the Broad Institute, and OneOme (a start-up pharmacogenomics spinout of the Mayo Clinic). He currently serves as the Senior Vice President, Genomics within the HudsonAlpha Discovery Genomics division of Discovery Life Sciences.