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Gentest® Products

Innovative, IND-enabling ADME-Tox and liver cell products
to accelerate drug development.

Discovery’s Gentest® product portfolio is supported by expert ADME-Tox and hepatocyte scientists with decades of experience in product development, contract research services, and regulatory-focused study design, providing you with the guidance you need in determining the right products for your preclinical studies.

Discovery’s Gentest® Hepatocytes

Discovery’s Gentest® Hepatocytes were developed by Dr. Albert Li, a recognized leader in the refinement of liver cell cryopreservation.

999Elite™ Human Hepatocytes provide the highest viability, confluency, and culture duration of any hepatocyte products on the market.

Our portfolio also includes Metmax® permeabilized, co-factor supplemented human hepatocytes for metabolism studies, OnDemand™ pre-plated hepatocytes, and other options. 

Our hepatocytes are prescreened for plateability, metabolic activity, cytochrome P450 (CYP) induction, and transporter efflux activity.

Gentest® HLMs & UltraPool™

Discovery’s human liver microsomes (HLM) are a rich, convenient, and cost-effective source of native enzymes responsible for drug metabolism. They are ideal for metabolic stability, metabolite reactivity, drug-to-drug interactions, reaction phenotyping, and metabolite identification studies.

Gentest® UltraPool™ HLM 150 is the first commercially available large donor pool of HLMs from 150 donors that naturally represents the average patient population and known CYP polymorphisms.

Gentest® Supersomes™

Gentest® Supersomes™ Enzymes are recognized worldwide as the industry gold standard in recombinant enzyme products.

Gentest® TransportoCells™ are HEK-293 cell-based products and include SLC transporter-expressing cells and ABC transporter inside-out vesicles.

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