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Transporter Interaction Services

Gentest® ADMET Research Services’ in vitro studies are valuable predictors of the existence and magnitude of in vivo drug-drug interactions

ATP-binding cassette (ABC) and solute carrier (SLC) transporter proteins can influence absorption and elimination of xenobiotics across the cell membrane and may be major determinants of the pharmacokinetic profiles of drugs.

Discovery has been providing expert, regulatory submission-quality ADME services for more than two decades, and we utilize the high-performance Gentest TransportoCells™ in our transporter interaction services.

Performed with a Comprehensive Portfolio of Clinically Relevant Transporters

Our Advanced Cellular Models & Membrane Vesicles Lead the Way

Gentest® MDR1-LLC-PK1 cell model, consisting of an over-expressing human P-gp (MDR1) cell line and a vector-control cell line.

Where Expert Guidance Meets Gold Standard Reagents

Adaptable, Customizable Transporter Interaction Studies

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