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Molecular Pathology

Our experience and expertise will help accelerate your drug development program

Advance Your Tissue Biomarker Programs with Discovery

With over 20 years of experience in drug development, we have the expertise to accelerate your biomarker and diagnostic program in any stage of development. 

Molecular Pathology Service Advantages:


Decades of experience developing, validating and applying biomarker assays throughout every stage of development for leading biotech and pharma clients


A technology agnostic approach to enable an unbiased selection of the most suitable platforms

Compliance & Quality

Specialty testing in CLIA-certified, CAP accredited, and GCLP compliant service laboratories to support concurrent clinical trials and regulatory submissions.

IVDR-compliant services with Health Institution status of Discovery’s laboratory in Germany confirmed by German Regional Council.

Global Harmonization

Global standardization and harmonization of assays including global clinical trial testing and our Biomarker Academy™ training programs with post-approval services

Access to Clinical Specimens

Access to the world’s largest commercial biorepository to build optimal study cohorts

Rapid Orthogonal Testing

Optimized multi-omic integration with clinical flow, cell biology, genomic, and proteomic services – all under one roof

Discovery’s Molecular Pathology Service Details


Understand protein expression patterns and localization at any stage of development

Multiplex Immunofluorescence

Accelerate your R&D and save precious clinical material with simultaneous detection of multiple targets

In Situ Hybridization

Fully understand gene expression patterns with expert ISH services

Histology & Digital Pathology

Make accurate and informed decisions throughout drug and diagnostic development

Quantitative Gene Expression Analysis

Sensitive, high-throughput, and quantitative, gene expression analysis

Global Clinical Trial Services

Get high quality results at speed and scale to accelerate global clinical trials using a single chain of custody that adheres to appropriate regulations and quality standards

Biomarker Academy

Expert pathologist training to expedite clinical trials and accelerate post-approval studies and diagnostic adoption.

Technology Platforms

Digital Pathology / Scanners / Image Analysis

IHC / Multiplex IF /


“We have been working with Discovery Life Sciences in Kassel, previously Targos GmbH, for many years on clinical validation of tissue biomarkers. This partnership is based on strong scientific focus and an open and honest relationship which led to the approvals of many companion diagnostics assays for Agilent and our pharma partners. We always appreciate the consistent high-quality services and the mutual trust we've developed over the years across our various internal functions such as R&D, Marketing, CDx, and Clinical Trials. DLS has also established a fantastic Biomarker Academy training program that, in my opinion, has become a valuable cornerstone in the global pathology community.”

We worked with 3 histology vendors to develop IHC assay for novel tumor antigen using commercially available IHC antibodies.  Only the DLS team was able to deliver robust and specific assay with staining characteristics that were suitable for our range-finding studies.  Leveraging their in-house biorepository, DLS was able to deliver a data package with scoring intensities for this antigen for 178 patient samples across 13 cancer indications. This information has been extremely valuable in understanding the clinical opportunity that targeting this antigen would provide.

In the past five of years, we have entrusted Discovery Life Sciences with the development and validation of a FISH assay for a novel biomarker (MAF-Test) predicting relapse in breast cancer and the response to specific drugs in adjuvant setting. DLS's expertise in assay development and target validation helps create a reliable scoring scheme accelerating identification of patients eligible for further treatment. Furthermore, DLS's experience in molecular pathology and consultative service approach always exceeded our expectations

Make Decisions with Confidence

Expertise across different molecular pathology platforms in CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited, and GCLP-compliant laboratories.

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