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Gentest® TransportoCells™

Conduct transporter interaction studies faster with Discovery’s solute carrier (SLC) transporter expressing cells and ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter vesicles

Gentest TransportoCells™ products are high-performance mammalian cells in a convenient, cryopreserved format that transiently overexpress a single human SLC transporter protein. These frozen cells deliver robust data, while eliminating the time required to culture and maintain stable cell lines.

Options: Transporter-qualified primary hepatocytes are also available for suspension or monolayer assays

Gentest® Cryopreserved Solute Carrier (SLC) TransportoCells™

Solute carrier (SLC) transporters are membrane proteins involved in drug disposition, and they are responsible for the transport of endogenous and exogenous compounds across biological membranes, making them the ideal model for ADME studies.

Gentest® TransportoCells™ HEK-293-Derived ABC Transporter Vesicles

Improve the predictive potential of your transporter drug-drug interaction, reaction phenotyping, and toxicity studies with a validated, more human-like transporter-protein expressing vesicle model.

Gentest® Transporter Kits

Transporter membrane and vesicle kits reduce the time needed to prepare reagents. The ATPase kit contains the required buffers and chemicals for performing five 96-well microplate assays. The BSEP and BCRP/MRP kits contain all necessary buffers and chemicals for performing 200 assays.

Note: Kits do not contain vesicle or membrane preps.

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