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Quantitative Gene Expression Analysis

Sensitive, high-throughput, and quantitative,
gene expression analysis

Discovery’s expert scientists work collaboratively with you to plan experimental design, ensure standardized sample handling, and help you analyze data to propel your drug and diagnostic programs forward faster. Our services are highly customizable and flexible so we can tailor them to your unique study goals.


Decades of experience developing, validating and applying biomarker assays throughout every stage of development for leading biotech and pharma clients.


A technology agnostic approach to enable an unbiased selection of the most suitable platforms .

Compliance & Quality

Specialty testing in CLIA-certified, CAP accredited, and GCLP compliant service laboratories to support concurrent clinical trials and regulatory submissions.

Health Institution status of Discovery’s laboratory in Germany confirmed by German Regional Council.

Global Harmonization

Global standardization and harmonization of assays including global clinical trial testing and our Biomarker Academy™ training programs with post-approval services.

Access to Clinical Specimens

Access to the world’s largest commercial biorepository to build optimal study cohorts.

Rapid Orthogonal Testing

Optimized multi-omic integration with clinical flow, cell biology, genomic, and proteomic services – all under one roof.

Quantitative Gene Expression

Technology Platforms

Discovery provides a wide range of technology platforms for quantitative gene expression analysis. This allows you to choose the most suitable platform based on your specific needs, such as high-throughput sequencing, real-time PCR, or other advanced techniques.



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