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Cryopreserved Primary Hepatocytes

A physiologically relevant human in vitro experimental system.

The Pioneers of Hepatocyte Isolation, Cryopreservation, and Culturing​

Cryopreserved hepatocytes are the ideal tool for studying drug metabolism, toxicity, gene therapy, and liver diseases. Discovery’s Dr. Albert Li and his team haves continually refined the proprietary cryopreservation technology and collection processes that now yield the industry’s largest inventory of highest  high-performing hepatocytes, 999Elite™ Human Hepatocytes.

“For the past four decades, our research has helped optimize the isolation and cryopreservation of human and animal hepatocytes and established mechanism-based experimental approaches to aid the assessment of human-specific drug efficacy and DILI potential. I am extremely proud of my team and our proprietary technology which has been successfully applied by the pharmaceutical industry, including gene therapy companies.”

Dr. Albert Li, PhD., MBA
Chief Scientific Officer of Pharmacology and Toxicology

999Elite™ Human Hepatocytes

Plateable, Inducible Grade Hepatocytes

Suspension Grade Hepatocytes

MetMax® Hepatocytes

Permeabilized, co-factor supplemented human hepatocytes for metabolism studies

Pair Hepatocytes with Discovery’s Optimized Hepatocyte Media

With over 30 years of hepatocyte culture experience, our team has optimized a selection of media recipes to help customers obtain reliable results.

On-Demand Hepatocytes

Discovery’s on-demand, pre-plated hepatocytes give you all of the advantages of our high-plateability  cryopreserved products with added convenience. Our proprietary shipping media allows up to 2 days in transit without sacrificing quality. Just submit your request and timeline and our seasoned hepatocyte scientists will thaw, plate, and ship these products to your lab.

Product features:

Get the Most Out of Your Hepatocytes

Gentest® Hepatocytes are carefully assessed and characterized for:

They also come with the following donor information:

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