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Allcells Expands Apheresis Network to Meet Rapid Growth in Demand for Cell and Gene Therapy Products and Services

ALAMEDA, Calif., February 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AllCells®, a Discovery Life Sciences™ brand and leading provider of critical starting material and services for cell and gene therapy (CGT), has announced the expansion of its apheresis network with the addition of a new center in Huntsville, Alabama. This new center complements AllCells’ existing presence in two major U.S. biotechnology hubs – the San Francisco Bay and Boston Metropolitan areas – further cementing its market-leading status and strengthening its ability to meet the growing worldwide demand for CGT products and services.

AllCells is a recognized global service and quality leader due to its 99% deliverability rate and adherence to rigorous quality standards. With over 3,700 CGT-focused clinical trials underway globally, the company has invested significant resources to expand collection sites and increase its apheresis capacity to meet phase-appropriate requirements.

In addition to its facilities expansion, AllCells has scaled its donor digital marketing, specialized recruiting, and event-hosting efforts, and also expanded its highly experienced project management team to support new and ongoing GMP projects. As a result, customers have access to tens of thousands of well-characterized, highly engaged, and recallable donors, coupled with in-house access to comprehensive analytical characterization, including cell biology, genomic, and proteomic capabilities.

This expansion is a key milestone for AllCells in our mission to become the most trusted global supplier of CGT solutions. Our continued investments enable us to deliver to our customers a highly characterized supply chain through a single robust and scaled resource as they pursue important breakthroughs in the field of CGT.

-Danny Zheng, president of AllCells

About AllCells

Founded in 1998, AllCells, a Discovery Life Sciences brand, is a market-leading provider of highly characterized primary cell and tissue products, supporting global biomedical organizations seeking to develop and manufacture novel drugs and cell therapies. By providing Clinical Grade and RUO products, custom donor management services, and integrated analytical capabilities, AllCells’ comprehensive solutions streamline every stage of development to help bring novel therapies to market faster. Our FDA-registered, IRB-approved, AABB-compliant donor facilities strategically located across the U.S. provide access to healthy, recallable, well-characterized donors with diverse and rare demographics. Our adjacently located processing facilities enable immediate processing, cryopreservation, and a high degree of responsiveness to accommodate custom requests with exceptional quality and deliverability. Backed by over 30 years of combined scientific and regulatory expertise, AllCells is committed to providing flexible and scalable solutions necessary to dynamic, client-specific needs and timelines from inception to commercialization. AllCells – Science at your Service™

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