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Gentest® Megakaryocytic Hematotoxicity Colony Forming Cell (CFC) Assay Service

Predict thrombocytopenia at the preclinical drug development stage.

Discovery’s Gentest® Megakaryocytic CFC assays predict thrombocytopenia caused by drug toxicity at the megakaryocyte progenitor cell stage.

These in vitro assays replicate in vivo cell biology conditions. We incubate primary bone marrow cells with your test compounds in a collagen-based matrix containing specific growth factors. We then fix and stain the cultures for CD41, count the colonies, and provide you with a detailed report on your drug’s off-target toxicity impact.

CFU-Mk: Colony-Forming Unit- Megakaryocyte

IND-Enabling Megakaryocytic CFC Assays Performed by Blood Cell Biology Experts

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